May 29, 2018

Friends: Taya, Sarah, Emma, Guy friends too.
(If you don't appreciate it, it's not for you).


40 hrs

Strategy release


Gym  + Run

Insight: I almost have a method-acting approach to fitness. It's about a state of mind for me.

Tonight I went for a run, and couldn't feel the motivation. So I started to run backwards, almost like basketball reverse running sprints, on the corners of the sidewalk, I played something really cheesy but uplifting, kinda nostalgic. You could almost say I was going through basketball drills on a run. All of those wierd angles that you move in. I looked pretty wierd, but I decided I would be ok looking incorrect. You can not "like" the way I run. I think you could say I ran the way a musician creates music with genre influences. It's not original. Dancers move with influences in mind. Running with a performer's mind. I think West coaster's recognize when I engage a slolem on a run. It looks wierd, but you get some of that rush. I'm still stronger with my right side slolem.

On Tonight's Gym time. I decided 10 or 15 minutes was enough. I played Hip-Hop Violin. For me, the right amount of everything I needed. I say listen to music that inspires you.

I typically try to do something different. Sometimes it's grabbing odd parts of the bar for pullups. Nature isn't perfect, like balancing on a log.

Run to anything that motivates.

There have been nights where I've run to "Cheek to Cheek" by Louis Armstrong. It's kinda nice to be that wierd guy. 

(Editor's note: you can write to enrichen the story, and do it before Walsh or Sagmeister try to profit off it).

Playlists I love

Running Playlist ideas. Frank Sinatra (make a playlist).

• I think you can make a running playlist. 

• Ala carte (hip hop violin), superman concert.

• Runner's world, and "Run Wild" by spotify are pretty great too.

• I think my self-esteem was much higher before I noticed how few 


Exercise Motivation

Everything helps. 10 minute exercise sessions are worth it. It's ok to work out


I wonder if I can add Color to this..




• Just a blog

• Entrepreneurial Idea? (could be)


If anyone was ever curious, I'm from a vacation resort island. So I'm always going to have a special place in my heart for cheesy karaoke songs, board shorts, and pretty sunsets.



April 3, 2018


night runs: When it's muggy and just too hot, well, go with Frank Sinatra. Downtown is actually super nice at nite. And the Baddest Asses are actually dope A.F.

day runs: more humid than a humidifier, campsite dreams all the way.

warmup: omi's 'drop in the ocean.'

it's still too muggy. find zara larson.

running over the bridge: love ballads only.

chill days "run wild"